How do I begin?

I am pleased to invite you to one Online Trial Free Lesson
I will be able to know your level and targets during this trial lesson.
If you are interested, we can arrange the next lesson at a mutually convenient time.
If you agree, you only need to make the payment and the date and time is booked for you.

What is the methodology used in the lessons?

I use your language for teaching you Spanish.
The main guidelines are given to be able to talk from the first day: grammar and basic rules.
My method will help you to remember vocabulary and express yourself in real life situations
Supplementary material will be sent to you before and or after the lesson.
The conversation is the key point of the online one to one classes. The student participates actively in each lesson, which has been designed for covering her/his own needs.

How do I pay for the lessons?

Payments are made by bank transfer, a fast and secure way to pay by credit or debit card.
When you contact me, specifying the package you are interested in, you  will receive the account number to which the money should be transferred.

Why is it convenient for me to take Spanish lessons Online?

We teach you Spanish in your language, which guarantees a faster learning.
We customize your lessons for covering your needs and your goals.
Flexibility for you: Choose place, date and time.
Cost and time efficiency (saving travel time)

If I have classes with you, how long will it take me to improve my Spanish?

The profile of the student level together with the number of hours that can be dedicated attending the online lessons combined with the self study, will determine the time she/he may
need to develop the language consistently.

Can I cancel or reschedule a lesson?

Cancellation and change  policy is 24 hours in advance by e mail.
The classes date and time can be re-scheduled by mutual agreement with the Professor.

What happens if  I’m late or don’t show up for class?

I hope you will be present in the scheduled lessons. In case the student does not appear by 15 minutes the lesson will be cancelled and  this specific class is not reschedulable.

Do course packages expire?

All plan ​packages expire after the 6 months ​of start day of payment.

How do I use Skype or Google Hangouts?

Please download free of charge the Skype or the Google Handgouts for our Online Lessons:, create a free Skype account and you will be ready to go in minutes
Google Hangouts: It is a Google App that you can use with your gmail account.

You can even use Skype or Google Hangouts from your smartphone or tablet!
Your computer can have a built-in microphone (and/or camera) which is also needed, if you use it.
There are external microphone, camera and headset to provide to your computer too.