My name is Rafael and I was born in Barcelona. I am a Sciences Graduate Official Professor in Spain since 1993.

I am also a languages lover since my childhood, travelling with my  parents worldwide.

Thanks to this experience, I developed my own method to learn languages wherever I was. Therefore, I created a program to give support to people that wish to learn a new language, based on their mother tongue.

(Bondades del sistema ) – Pendiente añadir

As well as being a vocational Professor,  I am an enthusiastic and empathic teacher, always  giving support to the students to learn with ease and online with their personal  and professional goals.

We are in 2018. It is time to share my 25 years of  Teaching Experience through the Net to spread my method and my knowledge as much as I can.

You will be more than welcome to my simple lessons. Enjoy  with the free trial class !